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Aachener Frieden (2008-2012)

Aachener Frieden is an interactive exhibit in the city hall of Aachen. Users can arrange tangible blocks on an interactive tabletop to learn the historic details of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748.

The interactive tabletop employs a projector to display the graphical user interface. Blocks are detected via active optical tracking. Infrared LEDs in each block emit a specific dot pattern that communicates the type, position and alignment of each block to camera beneath the surface.




Context This project was developed by order of city of Aachen in the context of Route Charlemagne.
  • Hardware infrastructure: Interactive tabletop based on optical tracking.
  • Tangible: Custom-made wooden blocks containing electronics for emitting IR dot patterns for real-time detection of type, position and orientation.
  • Programming languages: Objective-C
  • Used frameworks: OpenGL
  • Malte Weiss
  • Lucas Braun
  • Simon Jakubowski
  • Thorsten Karrer
  • Moritz Wittenhagen

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