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BallMeR (2009)

BallMeR is an interactive two player soccer game using a pressure-sensitive keyboard prototype by Microsoft. The keyboard is able to detect multiple simultaneous keystrokes and the employed pressure for each of them.

Goal of the game is kick a soccer ball into the opponent’s goal area by deforming the play field. The play field is a soft tissue. By hitting keys, players can raise parts of this tissue and push the ball into the opponents direction. The harder a key is stroke the stronger the tissue is raised, and the stronger the ball is repelled. A player scores if s/he maneuvers the ball into the opponents area. The first player who achieve three goals wins. Watch the video!




Context The project was a submission to the Student Innovation Contest at the UIST 2009 conference in Victoria, Canada. The contest was organized and sponsored by Microsoft Research. The task for all participants was the development of an application for the pressure-sensitive keyboard prototype that was provided by Microsoft.
  • Physics: Computed with Bullet Physics Library.
  • Graphics: Rendered with OpenGL.
  • Programming languages: Objective-C, C++, and C
  • UITK: Cocoa
  • Target platform: Mac OS X 10.6
  • Malte Weiss
  • Jonathan Diehl
  • Gero Herkenrath

Further Information

Links Official project website
Award Our team won the 2nd prize for the category Best Implementation at UIST 2009 Student Innovation Contest.
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