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BendDesk (2009-2012)

BendDesk is a workspace merging a vertical and horizontal multi-touch surface into one continuous interactive surface.

BendDesk is a vision of a future desk that provides a curved multi-touch screen, replacing the traditional desktop setup involving screen, keyboard and mouse. It seamlessly merges a vertical multi-touch screen with a horizontal one via a curve. Our prototype allows users to sit comfortably in front of the desk and to directly interact with digital content on a large surface using their fingers.




Context I co-developed this project during my PhD.
  • Hardware infrastructure: Curved interactive tabletop based on FTIR tracking, and projector-based rendering.
  • Programming languages: Objective-C
  • Used frameworks: OpenGL, MultiTouchFramework, SLAP Framework
  • Malte Weiss
  • Simon Voelker
  • Jan Borchers
  • Christine Sutter

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