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BendInvaders (2010)

BendInvaders is an arcade multi-touch multi-player game for the BendDesk table. The game’s story is inspired by classic Space Invaders: Players have to depend the earth that is being attacked by monsters.

All players are standing in front of the curved BendDesk table. Monsters are appearing at the top and fall down. The players’ task is to shoot the monsters before they reach the bottom (the "earth"). Otherwise, life energy is deducted. Players gain points for hitting monsters. The course of the game is organized in levels with increasing difficulty; the number of enemies and their velocity of fall increase with each level.

The game features nice non-violent comic graphics, funny sound effects and a high score. Key of the game is a novel input technology: Players define a shooting ray by holding down two fingers in an area close to the rim of the table. Each player can use both hands to increase the efficiency. The number of players is only limited by the size of the table, and we have seen up to six users playing BendInvaders.


Video Game presentation in BendDesk video on YouTube:


Context We developed BendInvaders to demonstrate the BendDesk table to the public in a playful way. The game also shows users how the table’s curve distorts the perception of rays which was a research question in the project.
  • Hardware infrastructure: BendDesk, curved interactive tabletop using DI tracking and projector-based rendering
  • Programming language: Objective-C
  • Used frameworks: OpenGL, MultiTouchFramework
  • Malte Weiss (game design, programming)
  • Simon Völker (programming)
  • Lucas Braun (art)

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