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DRAGON (2007-2008)

DRAGON allows users to navigate through videos by directly dragging objects in the footage.

Video players usually provide a timeline slider for moving the playback position in a video. However, this slider does not reflect the spatial movement of objects in the footage. DRAGON is a direct manipulation technique for precise in-scene video navigation. It allows users to directly click on objects in a scene and browse in the video by dragging alongside the objects’ trajectories. Thereby, users can navigate to events with spatial meaning, e.g., to the position where a sprinter crosses the finish line.


Video Presentation of DRAGON on YouTube:


Context I co-developed this project during my PhD.
  • Programming languages: Objective-C
  • Computer vision: Trajectory computation based on optical flow
  • Thorsten Karrer
  • Malte Weiss
  • Moritz Wittenhagen
  • Jan Borchers
Award Our CHI 2008 Note received a CHI Best Note Award.

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