Malte Weiß
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MultiTouchFramework (2008-2012)

MultiTouchFramework is a input framework for interactive tabletops that are based on optical, camera-based tracking. The framework allows combining multiple cameras in order to track touches on large surfaces. It also handles the rendering of the graphical user interface. The framework supports tracking and rendering on planar and on arbitrarily curved surfaces. In the latter case, the framework compensates for the induced geometric distortion.


Context We developed the MultiTouchFramework for research on interactive tabletops. SLAP Widgets, Madgets, and BendDesk use the framework to track touches and objects on the table.
  • Target platform: Mac OS X 10.7
  • UITK: Cocoa
  • Programming language: Objective-C
  • Malte Weiss
  • Simon Voelker
  • Stefan Hafeneger
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