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PsycheMove3D (2005-2006)

PsycheMove3D is a visualizer and analyzer for motion sequences in 3D space. It is targeted researchers in the field of psycho-motorics.

The software imports raw data that has been generated by a motion capture system. Such a system films users with multiple cameras and, thereby, determines the 3D position of certain body parts by tracking attached retro-reflective markers. PsycheMove3D reads this data and visualizes it as table, chart, and in 3D. It also provides filters to improve noisy data.

The core of the software is the data analysis. Users can segment motions according to various criteria. Then, each segment can be analysed. By drag-and-drop, users can choose from a large library of analyzing functions and create an individual report. All visualization and reports can be exported for use in scientific publications.

The software is designed for scalability. It provides an SDK to develop additional plug-ins and filters.




Context This application was developed for the Institute of Psychology at RWTH Aachen University.
  • Target platform: Win 32
  • UITK: Microsoft Foundation Classes
  • Programming language: C++ using Visual Studio 6.0
  • Graphics: OpenGL
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