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SLAP Framework (2008-2012)

The SLAP Framework is framework for input and output on interactive tabletops. It provides a basic graphical user interface for object manipulation: Virtual objects, such as images, videos, or texts, are displayed on the table. Users can drag, scale, rotate and fling them around. Beside this basic "photo sorting" functionality, the framework supports the detection of and interaction with SLAP Widgets. Thereby, it enables the development of productivity applications on interactive tabletops.




Context I developed the SLAPFramework for research on interactive tabletops. SLAP Widgets and Madgets use this framework to detect and track physical widgets on the table.
  • Target platform: Mac OS X 10.7
  • UITK: Cocoa
  • Programming language: Objective-C

Further Information

Details You find a detailed description of the framework in my PhD Thesis on pages 63-74 (pdf, 7.5 MB)
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