Malte Weiß
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SplineShop (2007)

SplineShop is a visualizer helping students to understand the math behind curves and splines. The interface allows users to define control points and render various curves, such as Bézier curves or B-Splines. Users may also change weightings or evaluate curves at certain points using algorithms like the De Casteljau algorithm. Furthermore, the application allows users to execute operations on splines, such as subdivision or spline knob insertion. Finally, SplineShop supports copy and paste as well as saving and loading settings.




Context I wrote the program while learning for the oral exam “Geometric Modelling I” in order to better understand the underlying math.
  • Platform: Win 32
  • UITK: Microsoft Foundation Classes
  • Programming language: C++ using Visual Studio 6.0
  • Graphics: OpenGL
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