Malte Weiß
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Worldbuild 3D (2000-2002, 2005)

Early screenshot of Worldbuild 3D (January 2001).

Worldbuild 3D is an extensive editor for creating 3D models and environments. It provides the following features:

Visit the project website for more information.


Downloads Worldbuild 3D Demo release
Links Website of Racer-Project (in German)


Context I developed Worldbuild 3D as part of the Racer project. The ultimate goal was to create a futuristic racing game, supported by friends who designed textures and levels. Worldbuild 3D was the level editor for this project. It was also part of my A-levels as so-called "Besondere Lernleistung" (special learning performance).
  • Platform: Win 32
  • UITK: Microsoft Foundation Classes
  • Programming language: C++ using Visual Studio 6.0
  • Graphics: OpenGL (2D) and DirectX (3D)
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