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This page shows selected software projects that I have conducted. Click on the projects for detailed information.

This section is quite outdated and will be updated sometime.



MultiTouchFramework is a input framework for interactive tabletops that are based on optical, camera-based tracking.
SLAP Framework

The SLAP Framework is framework for input and output on interactive tabletops.

Scientific Tools


Visualizer and analyzer for motion sequences in 3D space

Application supporting logopedics who conduct controlled experiments to give therapy to patients with speech disorders

Graphics & Games

Worldbuild 3D
(2000-2002, 2005)

3D world editor

Game project about a futuristic racing game

An interactive two player soccer game using a pressure-sensitive keyboard prototype

Arcade multi-touch multi-player game for the BendDesk table

Desktop Software


DiscSpaceRepoter is a lightweight tool helping users to clean their hard drives.

TelList is a lean user-friendly database program for Windows that manages contacts.
Windows Gestures

Windows Gestures is a lightweight gesture recognizer for Windows that allows users to start applications and execute system events via keyboard and mouse gestures.


Website for the health center for prenatal medicine and clinical genetics in Meckenheim

WebOffice is web-based personal content management system
Big band of RWTH Aachen University, internal band manager

Internal band manager for big band of RWTH Aachen University
Unikat Galerie

Website of artist Adelheid Weiß-Kanonenberg

Medical Applications

TP 95

Application for organizing appointments for doctor’s offices
Labor 95

A database application to store and organize incoming biological sample material and the resulting findings

Tool for estimating a child’s risk of Down syndrome during the pregnancy

Application that computes the time spans of all required and optional medical exams during pregnancy
Medicle Offline Editor

Offline editor for German web project that grants access to a large medical database, including information about diseases, medicine, pathogens, and procedures

Student Projects


Controlled 3D experiment that tests the user’s sense of direction

SplineShop is a visualizer helping students to understand the math behind curves and splines.
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